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The last time George Altman found condoms in his daughter's bedroom on Suburgatory, he turned their entire life upside down and moved them from Manhattan to suburbia.

Now that he's found them again, expect George to act in a similarly outrageous and over-the-top fashion. "It's his Achilles heel," Jeremy Sisto tells "He's not ready to deal with his child growing up."

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In Wednesday's episode (8:30/7:30c, ABC) George goes into panic mode and tries planning a game night with the girls to keep Tessa (Jane Levy) at home — and away from her older boyfriend. "He thinks that Jenga is going to be so much cooler in Tessa's eyes that she's somehow going to put off having sex for another 10 years or something," Sisto says.

However, just because George wants to keep Tessa locked up in a tower doesn't mean George won't be having some fun of his own. "He does have a fling with someone he was not expecting to have a fling with to somehow prove he's not a prude," Sisto says. "He goes through a whole whirlwind of emotions and acts a bit like a child."

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Whether it's a huge dental bill or not getting sponsored for a country club membership, Sisto says George's tendency to blow things out of proportion is one of his favorite qualities of the character. "George's overreaction to things and his impulsiveness is something that the premise of the show is based on," he says. "It's so fun to be able to be goofy after years of dramatic things."

However, this sudden heat in George's, as well as Tessa's, love life will bring a deeper problem to the surface for the close-knit father and daughter. "George has always kind of hidden his romantic life from Tessa so she is unprepared to deal with it herself even though she's more willing to deal with it than her father," Sisto says. "They both are stuck in this type of relationship that they've been in for such a long time. Any change is going to be very difficult as far as the inclusion of other people."

Tessa and George's reluctance to welcome anyone into the Altman family will be a bigger dilemma later this season when George moves "very fast" with a new love interest played by Alicia Silverstone. And there's still the issue of George's Christmas kiss with Dallas (Cheryl Hines). "They're really, for some reason, in denial of their feelings for each other and then Alicia Silverstone's character comes into the situation," Sisto says. "It's put on the back burner, but it's always there — in every episode there's an element of that. It's heartbreaking to watch because you just want them to get together."