It's no coincidence Stranger Things dropped its second season to coincide with this year's spooky Halloween weekend. Who needs scary movies when you can just binge nine terrifying episode of Hawkins vs. the Upside Down?

We're sure you're already right in the middle of your watch, but super fans should schedule a break in their Stranger Things marathon to start brainstorming the best ways to construct a Season 2-themed Halloween costume in a jiffy. There may only be a few days to pull something together, but there is plenty of good costume fodder in Season 2, from Billy's (Dacre Montgomery) mullet and jean-tastic wardrobe to Hopper's (David Harbour) trusty Deputy Callahan (John Reynolds).

Stranger Things Is Getting an Aftershow, Somehow

The actors behind the Stranger Teens, if you will, hope you go for the punk look though.

In Episode 7, we're introduced to a whole host of new characters who have gone all out with the punk rock phase of the '80s, from mohawks to bomber jackets, and if we don't see at least a dozen lookalikes on Halloween night, we'll be seriously disappointed in this fandom.

Stranger Things Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Dacre Montgomery,<em> Stranger Things</em>Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things