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Steven Tyler will debut his first-ever solo music video on American Idol this month, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The video for "(It) Feels So Good" will premiere on the May 12th results show, which knocks the Top 4 to the Top 3. The single is set to make its radio debut on — not surprisingly —Idol host Ryan Seacrest's radio show on May 9.

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In addition, Tyler will take the Idol stage for the first time to perform with Aerosmith on the season finale.

"We're playing the last show of the season," Tyler tells Billboard. "It was always my intention, always, to get Aerosmith on the show. I mean, Joe [Perry]'s done it. I'm ready for it. I would love to play with Aerosmith."

Tyler has yet to perform on the singing competition, and it's even more surprising that he will do so alongside his Aerosmith bandmates, particularly Perry, who was vocal about Tyler's new gig as an Idol judge when he was rumored to join in August.

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"I found out on the internet, like the rest of the world. None of us in the band knew anything about it. This is no small thing," Perry told the Boston Herald last year. "I mean, after 40 years he couldn't tell me about this? Why so secretive? We're told it's a done deal — but if Steven is committed to a TV show, that kinda affects the rest of us. We'd like to plan our lives."

Prior to his joining Idol, Tyler took a break from Aerosmith in late 2009 after he pulled out of a planned South American tour to pursue solo projects. Aerosmith held auditions for a potential replacement in early 2010, but Tyler rejoined the band for a worldwide tour later that year.

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"We're getting together for my father's birthday — he'll be 95 — in May and I'm going to have a band meeting at which time we're going to settle a lot of the tumult that's been going on in the last year between lawyers and managers," Tyler told Billboard. "As John Lennon said, 'Time for a new broom to sweep things clean, dahling!'"

Aerosmith will release a new greatest hits album, Tough Love: Best of the Ballads, on May 10.

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