Stephen Fry Stephen Fry

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson recently announced on his Facebook page that he has cast Stephen Fry in his upcoming two-part LOTR prequel The Hobbit. Fry will fill the role of the Master of Laketown.

Peter Jackson's surgery delayed Hobbit production

In addition to that collaboration, Jackson revealed that he's developing a remake of the 1955 World War II film The Dam Busters with Fry. "In addition to his writing skills, he's a terrific actor and will create a very memorable Master for us," promised Jackson.

Elijah Wood's Hobbit return is "very, very small"

Jackson also announced that actor Ryan Gage's role has been bumped up — it was initially small, but because Jackson and company liked him so much, he'll now play Alfred, servant to Fry's character. Additionally, Conan Stevens will play an Orc named Azog.