If the Stargate franchise is considering another sequel, I've got an idea: Stargate: Vala. There's gold in that thar Claudia Black. After eons of playing Farscape's ultra-serious Aeryn Sun, Black is positively bursting with mirth as SG-1's resident bad girl. But Vala's no ditz when push comes to shove, the lady can play hardball, as evidenced during the budget conference. "Only an idiot would think you can defend this backwater planet with a few ships and a shield," she tells the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, throwing in a corny shot about his "shortcomings" for good measure. So why is Vala still at Stargate Command? Well, apart from her need to flirt with Daniel and pester him about credit cards, I'm guessing nobody was ready to let go of the Jaffa bracelets as a plot device. But as it led our heroes to the doorstep of Wallace Shawn's Arnus, I'm not complaining. Although I found the idea of Vala having "wonderful carnal times" with Arnus inconceivable, the gloriously farcical plot thread summed up Vala's catch-as-catch-can con artistry marvelously. Arnus refused to help SG-1 sunder the lingering bond between Vala and Daniel unless she returned a necklace. But she fenced the necklace for a power coil, and fenced the power coil for a ship well, you get the general idea. The SG-1 team, being legends (as Mitchell constantly reminds us), manages to return all the property to the proper owners only to find out that Arnus really doesn't know how to diffuse the Jaffa bracelets either. Wonk-wonk-wonkwaaahhhhhnnnnk.