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More than 50 stars gathered for the multi-network Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon on September 10. While most of their focus was on fund-raising, TV Guide Magazine got them to divulge some TV scoop.

  • Eva La Rue, who works with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition because the women in her family have a predisposition for the disease, could barely contain her poker face when she told TV Guide Magazine exclusively about a rumor going around the CSI: Miami set. "We've got some really great cases and great storylines, but one of the best rumors I've heard is that Lady Gaga wants to do the show. How cool would that be? We all have a line of family members that would want to be trotted to set that day if that was the case." A big fan of the singer, LaRue would love the rumor to be true, although she hopes it wouldn't involve Gaga-esque costumes. "I don't think we'd be very effective at a crime scene in latex or a bubble dress. Could you imagine Horatio in a leotard?" No, but the gun bra might come in handy.
  • Oprah protégé Dr. Mehmet Oz has been in talks to make an appearance or two on the farewell season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the first episode of which airs September 13. "We've talked with Oprah and we'll obviously do some stuff together. She was such a great mentor. I'd be crazy not to want to spend a little more time with that fairy dust sprinkled on me," says the spinoff surgeon and host of The Dr. Oz Show. "The beauty of Oprah's last year is it's like looking through a scrapbook of all these great memories of the last 24 years and figuring out which ones she wants to revisit.I'm so proud of her for realizing her creative talents lay in many places, and she wants to go focus on something else, a different way of changing the world."
  • Ken Jeong is yet another comedian to fall under Betty White's spell. The octogenarian will portray an anthropology professor in the season premiere of his NBC sitcom Community, which airs September 23. "She is the sweetest, most grounded person ever. No one can compete with Betty White. She was funnier than anyone in the room," said Jeong, who lost his position as the Spanish teacher and will join Joel McHale as a student at Greendale Community College. "I was a nightmare in the Spanish classroom. She's even more dangerous and vicious." Jeong says White may briefly appear bit in the second episode, and that there are high hopes that she'll become a recurring character. "I know they want her involved as much as possible, but she's very in demand."
  • Host Alison Sweeney said that The Biggest Loser's theme this season (which kicks off September 21 on NBC) is to pay it forward. "It's an awesome season. We started off by visiting eight major cities in America and getting big crowds of people rallying around our contestants and including them in the process. So now all of those people who turned out are part of The Biggest Loser family. We challenged them to get healthy along with the contestants. We feel like the whole season is about inspiring the community of fans to get on board." For Sweeney, the concept starts at home with her five-year-old son, Ben. "I just had the sugary cereal talk yesterday. I had the terrifying moment where I sounded like my mother. But then you move on because she was right. He knows I'm on a show called Biggest Loser. He's met the contestants. It is really important for him to understand why mommy and daddy eat our vegetables, go to the gym, don't always have dessert and that snack can be fruit."
  • Jaime King, who will be seen as a high school cheerleader/failed actress this fall on ABC's My Generation, announced a follow-up to her popular funnyordie.com cancer awareness short, The Booby Scare. It features How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan, Bones' Emily Deschanel, Friday Night Light's Minka Kelly, Katharine McPhee and King giving themselves breast exams at a slumber party; the follow-up will be shot at the end of the month. "I wanted to do something to promote awareness with young people, and we thought how can we make it fun?" the Stand Up To Cancer ambassador explained. "What's more fun than having all these hot celebrities feeling each other up?No matter what age you are, [fighting cancer] is about early detection. We got over 200,000 hits in less than six hours, so we're going to keep rocking and rolling with it."

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