Hollywood's sexiest young actors are in love and wanted everyone to know at MTV's Movie Awards, held last Saturday and airing Thursday.

Katie Holmes and her American Pie hunk Chris Klein did a lot of hand-holding, waist-holding and, well, other body part-holding. Tara Reid, also of American Pie, accompanied MTV's Carson Daly; he wore his classic black suit while she wore a very revealing black pantsuit with a wide-open front. But the award for couple of the evening went to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Gellar may have won two containers of gilded popcorn but her favorite prize was stealing kisses from her Prinze.

"When we were coming in there was this one girl I saw out of the corner of my eye who had this Freddie Prinze poster and all these pictures of every movie he's ever done," Gellar says. "And I'm hitting him, going, 'Look over there.' And she was crying and [it] was breaking my heart. And I thought to myself, 'I know what it must be like to be this girl and see this amazing person standing there and to love this man. And he's standing [so close].' So I sort of dragged him over."

Aside from young love, sequels were a big topic backstage. Samuel L. Jackson gushed that he gets to use his lightsaber in the second Star Wars prequel. George Lucas confirmed the report adding, "This film involves more Jedis and Samuel's got a great fight in the next one. That's all I can tell you."

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss shared what little they knew about their highly anticipated Matrix sequels. "They haven't finished the scripts yet, so I don't know what I'm in for," Reeves explains. "But speaking with [writer/directors] Larry and Andrew Wachowski, they say, 'It's going to be insane.' So I'm looking forward to it." Moss, on the other hand, is enjoying her leisure time before getting back into the intense routine. "All I know is my workout routine for the next two Matrixes is going to be harder. That's why I'm doing nothing but eating until that time!"

Producer Joel Silver teases, "The stuff that we're doing in this next one is outrageous. Forget about special effects that have never been done before ? we're seeing how far we can take it."