Hollywood Squares host Tom Bergeron is feeling boxed in by the constraints of taped TV, and he's looking to do something about it.

"I miss live TV, I really do," the former Good Morning America substitute anchor tells TV Guide Online. "I'd like to get back to it. There's an adrenaline rush to it that you just can't duplicate, even on a show that's taped as close to live as possible, like we do on Hollywood Squares."

Bergeron — who pulled a Susan Lucci-type shocker by beating Millionaire man Regis Philbin for the Outstanding Game Show Host Emmy last May — admits that Squares' weekend taping schedule would make doing another show easy. "I think the key is to come up with a concept for a live show that would be exciting enough to syndicators to then pursue it," he points out. "But because of the way we shoot this show, it would definitely be possible [for me to do something else]."

In fact, Bergeron wouldn't rule out following in the footsteps of center square Whoopi Goldberg and tackling the ultimate live experience: theater. The host got a taste of life on The Great White Way earlier this month when Squares travelled to New York to tape a week's worth of Broadway-themed shows (slated to air in November).

"I would imagine that theater would be the easiest venue for me, because I find film acting, like Whoopi does regularly, to be an incredibly taxing experience," Bergeron admits. "So much of it is waiting: waiting for them to light, waiting for them to set up the new scene, waiting for this or that. And then you go act for 12 seconds, and then you go wait some more.

"But theater is like a live TV show, which is what I really love," he adds. "You get out there, you do it, you're done and then you go have a drink."