Last week, The Bachelor's Jesse Palmer sent home his spy, Jenny S.. That stinks for viewers who loved watching her trash Trish and tattle on the other gals, too. Now, she's left the Giants' back-up quarterback to score his final six ladies alone. Will the show be as much fun without our fave faker sussing out the true motives of those lusty, Benjamin-chasin' females? Maybe not. But you know TV Guide Online had to ring up reality TV's answer to Sydney Bristow for the full scoop on her mole-licious lifestyle.

TV Guide Online: You told Jesse if he married a woman like Trish, you'd no longer be his friend. What kind of pal issues an ultimatum like that?!
Jenny S.:
Trish is the type of woman that makes all of your other relationships in life suffer. Inevitably, Jesse's family and friends wouldn't have that much fun with the two of them together. It's not that I wouldn't want to be his friend anymore; I wouldn't be able to. Jesse and I have a very unique and close relationship, and she would change that forever.

TVGO: Wow, that's pretty heavy.
I was trying to paint a vivid picture for Jesse how strongly I felt about Trish. Jesse and I are close because I've been up front and honest with him from day one. Even if it's not what he wants to hear, I'm looking out for his best interests. And it's not that I go passing around ultimatums like that very often. I felt it was necessary to make a point.

TVGO: Are you secretly in love with Jesse?
[Laughs] Oooh, that would be good, wouldn't it? I love Jesse. I think he's a great guy, but I am not in love with him — I'm in love with my husband, Nick.

TVGO: Since you're married, did you feel sorry to have bumped out real candidates, so you could stay and spy on the women?
I did feel bad, but it was always Jesse's choice when to eliminate me. I was helping Jesse find a wife, so the last thing I wanted to do was take her spot! The women he sent home were ones he didn't feel connected to or who weren't connected to him.

TVGO: Will Jesse be alright without your secret intelligence?
To be honest, I was so glad to leave the show. I did what I came to do — help him make his initial choices and get him to those last six. Now, he has to use his own intuition, plus the information I had previously given him, and go forward with that. [The timing] of my exit was perfect.

TVGO: What were your reservations about being the mole?
Mainly that I had to deny the fact that I'm married. I worried how that would be portrayed and if people would question my devotion to my husband. Also, I'm not an actress. How was I going to convince these girls [I'm real]? I don't like lying or deceiving people. But the more I talked to the producers, I saw they had set it up beautifully. They established that I'm married from day one, and I never had to physically cross the line with Jesse in order to convince the other girls. [Laughs] It's not like we play spin the bottle and everyone makes out, you know?

TVGO: ABC must compensate you for doing this, right? You were the special guest star for three episodes, and it was lotsa work tricking those women.
You know, I'm not sure I can comment on that.

TVGO: I think you just did. By the way, how much drinking went on during the show? Y'all seemed to party constantly.
We did have drinks. In the beginning, we are all so nervous. Having alcohol readily available is very conducive to conversation and drama. Mandy J. makes an awesome Bloody Mary!

TVGO: Which girls have you kept in touch with?
I'm actually not allowed to talk to any of the girls until after the Women Tell All show airs. But I hope to be friends with Jessica B., Tara, Mandy J., Karen and Suzie and all those girls. I'm open to pretty much anyone except Trish, who probably won't want much to do with me after the show.

TVGO: Of all the women Jesse's dumped, which ouster disappointed you most?
It's a toss-up between Mandy C. and Anne-Catherine. Mandy's the soccer player and I felt like they're both athletes, so they have a lot in common. But Mandy was always very skeptical of the situation and didn't live in the moment — that hurt her. And Anne-Catherine was Canadian and hilarious and fun. As Jesse's friend, I would've liked for him to have gotten to know her better.