Barry Bostwick's happy to return as Spin City mayor Randall Winston for another season, but he's not thrilled that production has moved from New York to Los Angeles. The former Angeleno, who relocated his family to the New York suburbs to work on the sitcom four years ago, says he has no plans to uproot his family again and head back to La La Land.

"I'm just gonna do a weekend back and forth, you know, on airplanes," the actor tells the TV Guide Channel. "I'm gonna 'Alan Alda' it -- his family was being raised in New Jersey when he was doing M*A*S*H. I should get him on the phone and see how he handles the sinus conditions, based on [having] no air in the [airplane] cabin."

Bostwick might have a lousy commute, but he is enjoying work with new Spin City co-star Charlie Sheen. "He's totally different from Mike," he says, referring to former series star Michael J. Fox (who left to battle Parkinson's disease). "He's very dry; he's sort of nonphysical. He just sort of stares at you and delivers his line in a brilliant way.

"We miss Mike tremendously," adds Bostwick. "As long as we had been around Mike the last year or two, we always knew of his pain. It was hard working with somebody who was in pain all the time, because you are in pain. There were times he couldn't rehearse because of it. We always had great compassion and sympathy for him. It's a different job because that weight is off of it, too. You know, that sort of sense of sadness is off of it."