Former Talk Soup funnyman Hal Sparks has a message to all you single gals out there: He's not a gay man; he just plays one on TV. As one of the stars of Showtime's upcoming man-on-man action series, Queer as Folk, the currently unattached actor admits he worried his role on the show might lead to some confusion in his personal life.

"Yeah, that was a concern," Sparks tells TV Guide Online. "But it turns out that women feel the same way about two guys together as guys feel about two girls together... so lucky me!" Besides, he says, "I never had much problem approaching women I like, so I'm not worried."

Sparks is, however, concerned that American audiences may not embrace the sexually explicit Queer (debuting Dec. 3) the same way British audiences did the original. "I worry whether people are going to miss the point because they're so hung up on the sex," he sighs. "What if they get so freaked out and so up in arms that they don't see that these characters are lovable people?

"The thing that's important to me is that they love the characters," continues Sparks, who plays boy-next-door Michael, "regardless of their sexual orientation."

But as a straight man caught in the middle of a gay world, Sparks concedes that even he gets a little hung up on some of Queer's content — especially when the script calls for him to kiss another guy. "It couldn't be weirder," he says. "I get a lot of crap for saying this, but it's a little bit like kissing a dog, because you don't have any emotional, internal stuff that you [typically] would have when you actually want to be with someone. So, as an actor, it's a unique challenge because you've got to bring it from some place, make it convincing. And I think if I've done that, then that's invaluable."