Marcus Coloma and Selita Ebanks, <EM>South Beach</EM> Marcus Coloma and Selita Ebanks, South Beach

Don't worry, I did like some of it. I mean, the fact that it's the equivalent of a Jackie Collins novel is not something I really ever have a problem with. But as much as the show seems to be going for the younger demo, I wish they'd showcase more of the adults. Vanessa L. Williams is solid. I really want to find out more about her character's messed-up relationship with her baby-faced son, Jett Jackson (sorry, he used to play Jett on the Disney Channel). I love it that he's threatened by the fact that she dates guys his age. More power to ya, Vanessa. I also love Giancarlo Esposito. I remember when he guest-starred on Miami Vice back in the day. Now Esposito's playing the resident heavy going up against Ms. Williams. One minor quip: The accent, dude  not good. And I want to thank South Beach for giving Michael Pare a gig. Seriously. Eddie and the Cruisers? Awesome. So I, for one, was happy to see him, even though he was playing the lead guy's dad, whose gambling problem had him walking on the dark side. ("On the dark side," get it?) And did you get a load of who's gonna be on the show next week? Steven Bauer. Scarface's Steven Bauer. Very cool. In conclusion, the beachy drama is so-so, but I'm so digging the adult crowd. Yeah, I must be getting old.