Soap vixen Catherine Hickland spends most of her time as trying-to-save-face Lindsay on One Life to Live. So it's no surprise that the actress/entrepreneur is endorsing Renaitre, a glycolic skin cleanser, May 27 at 1 pm/ET on QVC.

"You don't sell something that you don't use ? that would be pretty bad! I swear by this," Hickland tells TV Guide Online. "I have been using glycolic products for about three years. I was getting them from my dermatologist and it was costing me a fortune, but I still did it because with what my skin goes through every day I need to be using the best products I can."

Hickland's motives in this endeavor are far from selfish, though. "I would love to be able to have women who can't afford to go to a dermatologist and pay those prices be able to get the same quality [that I get]," she explains, adding that the cleanser is not just for women. "Not only is it great for men, because I have Michael [Knight, Hickland's husband, who plays Tad on All My Children] on it, too, but it's also great for teenagers because it will help prevent acne."

Hickland isn't a medical professional ? nor does she play one on TV ? but she is more than just a talking head hawking a product. "We just got the eye cream back from the lab because I wasn't completely thrilled with it at first," she says. "I had it sent back and reformulated until I really loved it, so I'm not just a 'yes' woman."