Snooki Snooki

Snooki is about to get branded.

The Jersey Shore star, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, has hired New York firm SRG Ventures to oversee the rollout of licensed Snooki products, the New York Post reports.

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Snooki trademarks, like fuzzy slippers, flashy jewelry and giant sunglasses, will kick off the line, with denim, sportswear, lingerie, handbags, personal care, beauty products and home goods hopefully to follow, Stephen Goodman of SRG Ventures told the paper. (No word yet on a hair poof attachment.)"Snooki has a passion for a lot of different products," Goodman said. "We're being very strategic and selective about who we partner with."The pint-sized star already has a deal with Happy Feet, the company that makes the fuzzy slippers she wears on Jersey Shore

. New styles designed by Snooki, featuring animal prints and neon colors, have already surpassed the six-figure mark in sales.And if that's not enough Snooki for you, get ready to feel the love next month with a Snooki-designed Valentine's Day pendant by jewelry seller DiamondShark.

Snooki's New Year's ball drop moved to Jersey

"We were surprised how involved she got into the process," DiamondShark's Kenneth Hamlet said. "She said, 'I really think we need to put an arrow through it and put some gem stones on it and bling it out,' so we did." The company is currently offering a limited edition New Year's "Party Ball" Snooki pendant, inspired by the reality star's 2011 ball drop, that Hamlet said will probably sell out.Jersey Shore's midseason premiere kicks off Thursday at 10/9c on MTV.Will you buy any Snooki products?