Zooey Deschanel, Saturday Night Live Zooey Deschanel, Saturday Night Live

The tragic death of Whitney Houston went unmentioned during Saturday Night Live, but the variety show paid silent tribute by going to commercial with a picture of the pop star with Molly Shannon from a 1996 Mary Katherine Gallagher sketch. (Strange timing: Up All Night star and former cast member Maya Rudolph, who did a Houston impression when she was on the show, is hosting next week.)

Host Zooey Deschanel opened the show with her ukulele to perform a humorous song about that guy who forgets Valentine's Day and tries to cover it up with Happy Birthday balloons, an old copy of USA Today and an 11:15 "reservation" at Olive Garden:

Maya Rudolph to host Saturday Night Live

In addition to her pretty pipes, Deschanel got to show off her dance moves alongside the star of The Artist, Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin. In a black-and-white episode of SNL's Les Jeunes de Paris skit — a clear homage to The Artist — Dujardin competes for Deschanel's affections with muscle-flexing and fancy footwork:

Deschanel let herself be the punch line in "Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel." Abby Elliot played the adorkable New Girl star, while Deschanel nailed her impression of Mary-Kate Olsen, complete with oversized sunglasses, a giant Starbucks cops and that disturbing stare. With appearances from Michael Cera and Bjork, it was every hipster's dream come true:

Nicolas Cage, who stars in the upcoming Ghost Rider sequel, made a surprise appearance on Weekend Update alongside Nicolas Cage — aka Andy Samberg with a prosthetic forehead. In the segment, called Get in the Cage, Samberg claimed himself to be the real Nicolas Cage and said Cage was his cloned twin — an experiment so that Cage could fulfill his dream of appearing in every film ever released. How do you tell which Cage is which? One is an "exaggerated, screaming psychopath" and the other is, well, not:

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