Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara hosted La Noche del Sábado Vivo (aka Saturday Night Live) for the first time.

During her monologue, the Modern Family star recalled how she was welcomed to America with open arms "and pulled-down pants," talked about living the Colombian dream of marrying Al Bundy, gave a shout-out to her son Manolo (he only looks 19, he's actually 5) and showed off her accent, natch.

Vergara put her well-known spokeswoman skills (see also: those ubiquitous Diet Pepsi ads) to good use in a fake Pantene Pro-V ad where she played herself opposite Penelope Cruz. Vergara nailed the lines every time, but why did Cruz have such a hard time?

Vergara did an impressive impersonation of one of the original loudmouths of comedy television, Fran Drescher, on Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel. Her laugh is pretty good, no?

SNL parodied the box office blockbuster The Hunger Games with Vergara playing an obnoxious TV journalist, who, while reporting live from the games, insists on calling attention to the various competitors she encounters even though the whole point is to hide and avoid death. Oops!

SNL also parodied Bravo's popular late-night show Watch What Happens: Live and its very camera-friendly host Andy Cohen. Vergara played one of the stars of the new Bravo reality series Shahs of Sunset (aka that show after the Real Housewives that you leave on while you take a shower).

How do you think Vergara did? What was your favorite sketch?