Charles Barkley, Saturday Night Live Charles Barkley, Saturday Night Live

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time which could only mean one thing — Scottie Pippen now owes him $75,000! For his monologue, Barkley offered the real (and very simple) explanation behind five-month National Basketball Association lockout that just ended last month. "In a nutshell, the problem is — ever since I left — the NBA's been crap and everybody's broke. The end." Sir Charles also talked about looking "less gigantic" after losing 38 pounds on Weight Watchers. "Some of you might be saying, 'Charles, isn't Weight Watchers for ladies?' But I tell them, 'Shut up, Michael Jordan! ... And congrats on your engagement.":

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Mocking the popular Twitter hashtag of the same name, Barkley investigated white people problems for a faux Investigation Discovery show. Problems included not sitting together on a flight, not knowing whether a chicken is free-range and a breaking crisis about how to un-invite friends to your summer house:

Barkley dressed in drag to play Joann broke the big news to her friends — that's she a lesbian. "I'm just shocked — look at you," one friend said, obviously referring to her big frame and deep voice. "You're such a girly girl," added another friend: