First off, let me say that even though I didn't mention it, I did in fact know that last week's episode was a repeat. But thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me anyway. Even the guy who called me "a moron." Sweet, really. That said, I'm also aware that this week is a repeat, too. And you know what? Don't care. Mostly because this is one of the rare scripted dramas that stands up to multiple viewings. And really, can you ever have enough of Jane Seymour's Genevieve? Loved the flash of lightning when Dr. Quinn, Menacing Woman told Jason that Lana was "special." You bet she is, especially in that witch-burning dream. Hubba. It's also nice to have Genevieve's evil around now that Lionel's all gooey over his liver-disease miracle cure. Though I still don't trust the guy. After all, the fruit doesn't fall far from the freaky tree, as proven by Lex's fetish for bedding brunets who remind him of mommy. Um, Oedipus complex, table for one. Hopefully, he's learned his lesson from that whack-job stalker who framed him for murder and then turned Firestarter on his bald butt for whamming, bamming and thank-you-ma'aming her. He should stick to blonds. That Chloe is cute. And she can reference Zalman King while screening our Luthor-io's elevator grope-session, which shows that she knows a thing or two about a thing or two, you know? Someone should be showing her the love, and not that eunuch farm-boy sort she's been getting from Clarky, ya hear? — Damian Holbrook

So by now we all know that the 815 on Kate's coveted safe-deposit box ties in with the crashed plane's flight number and those mysterious lotto-winning digits. But what did Kate want with that little toy plane? That it belonged to the man she loved and the man she killed leaves so many questions rattling around in my little head. And there are still a couple more weeks before we get a new episode that might remotely clue us in to something.

But Shannon's French rendition of "Beyond the Sea" had me reaching for my Finding Nemo DVD wondering if there is some sort of hint in the kid flick that I have sadly watched about as many times as I've drooled over Sawyer swimming half-dressed in the blue lagoon. Thank god for TiVo. I'm not usually Sawyer's biggest fan, but in this ep, his Southern charm and illogical persistence at trying to open the case endeared him to me a bit more. But more importantly, where has Rose been for the past few weeks? I've got a hunch that the older potential widow knows way more than she's letting on. — Angel Cohn

Between Lost and Survivor, I think I'm catching island fever tonight. Oh, wait, it's just this nagging cold I can't kick. But seriously, this was one of the best episodes of the reality show in a really long time. First the downtrodden Ulong tribe wandered aimlessly in the woods trying to find a nearby cave. Then they were defeated in yet another challenge by the dominant Koror tribe. I'm starting to wonder if Ulong is a cursed name in Palau. But there is the little bit of schadenfreude that kicks in when I see their losing streak continue while I'm all cozy on my couch. It just makes me wonder what merciless torture Jeff Probst and Co. will inflict on them next. Tonight he made the losers watch while the Kororians feasted on stew and biscuits and got a peek inside the infrastructure of the Ulong tribe. Turns out that there is no infrastructure. They never found a leader, they have low morale and they haven't been vocal about creating any alliances. Aside from wistfully hoping for a merge, an idea which the smug Probst laughingly shot down, they have no game plan. And not only did the Koror crew get the aforementioned reward, they were also allowed to grant one of the Ulongers immunity, which they gave to Ibrehem, who was facing certain torch snuffing. And now he'll owe them big-time. Steph, Bobby J. and Mush-Mouth James, take note: This is how the game is played. Not by being so disorganized that you cause a tie between two strong players while skinny little James sits there all ignored and tattooed Angie gets sent home.

Meanwhile, the winners still had to oust someone as well, because with nine players, their tribe would have been twice as big as Ulong. So they evicted weak-link Willard from their Home Depot shack, which was not surprising since he wasn't much help at this season's truly tough physical challenges. And his departure meant Coby finally got some pants, which was a welcome relief for my poor eyes. — AC

American Idol
You know, it says a lot about a show when it can get 24 million viewers to accept the horror that is now our weekly group sing-along. What the hell was that? Other than nightmare fuel. Yikes. Just as scary was the shot of Ruben Studdard sitting there, as my bud Joe pointed out, like Suge Knight, only sweatier. Then again, even my temperature rose after the bottom three were announced and Nikko Smith was still sitting down. Jessica Sierra? Come on. Mikalah Gordon and inaugural ouster Lindsey Cardinale, sure. But not Jess. Not until we weed out some real dogs. Speaking of, Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua would like to say hello to 'cooler reader Andre. Not sure how they know one another, but it's a sad day when my pet gets fan mail and I get bashed by two of Scott Savol's saltier female fans. Nice, ladies. You kiss your parole officers with those mouths? — DH

Well, that was different. If your audience has possibly become so numb to the dangers your main characters face each week, it's time to remind them that being a CIA agent isn't exactly a walk in the park (unless you typically dodge gunfire and enemy agents while walking your dog). Sam the civilian's evening started by flirting with those irresistible dimples and ended with a killer chopper, gun shots and a bullet wound that could've been fatal if it had been six inches to the right. I was all tensed up for the first time in a while — I knew Sydney was going to make it, but I wasn't too sure about this poor schlub.

Quite a character turn for old man Jack, eh? With no immediate threat to his life, he decided to just go ahead and strangle his former associate. And then lie to his daughter about it. And then head out to dinner with her. Oh wait, that last part's OK. Syd's dear old dad has always been a (relatively) good guy courtesy of the "by any means necessary" doctrine, but this goes into a whole new area of darkness.

Lastly, for some reason, as I watched the flashing title cards during this episode, I thought it would be pretty cool if some other random ABC show used those graphics as an inside wink to Alias viewers. Like, you're watching Wife Swap, and as they cut to the next scene, you suddenly see the words "Nauseatingly Filthy Bathroom" come flying toward you. — Danny Spiegel

The West Wing
With 330 days left, Leo Quixote decides to chase a windmill that's been haunting him since he went on a bender back in 1995. Apparently, he had a chance to mend fences and bring some resolution to the whole Cuba crisis that never should have been, but then he got so blotto that he doesn't even remember hitching a ride with Kate Harper (who was doing her best Sydney Bristow routine for the CIA).

OK, help me out here. Did I miss something? I'll admit I was hooked by the whole clandestine Kate thing, with her top-secret file all blacked out, but did that flashback sequence tell us anything we didn't already know? Let's see... Leo was a drunken mess, Kate was a spy and this show has a tendency to get a little too didactic for its own good.

As for the termites in the White House!? Sorry, don't care. Brian Dennehy as a stubborn alcoholic senator, on the other hand, was kinda fun. If that's the extent of his guest stint, however, then it's too bad they wasted him on this episode. They'd have been better off throwing him into the mix with Santos and Josh instead of taking us "90 miles away" from the nail-biting campaign story that we're dying to see play out.

So the good news is that The West Wing will return for a seventh and final season. The bad news? Their budget has been cut roughly in half, which means we can expect some significant cast changes for next season. President Vinick? Hmmm... has me seeing red. — Dan Roberts