When he wasn't busy healing the sick in the lead role of Jesus, Jeremy Sisto was busy healing a sick cat on the set of the upcoming CBS miniseries.

The actor tells the TV Guide Channel he picked up the stray cat on the streets of Morocco while shooting the project and wound up nursing her back to health before bringing her home with him to the States. "I healed it," says the actor. "Well... I took it to the vet."

Unfortunately, the cat, which he named Misha, ran away a week after he returned to Los Angeles. "I mean, I was very upset about that because she was supposed to be my friend," he says. "I thought we had something special. I guess I shouldn't have let her out, though.

"She had a very wet nose and she would bite my head in the middle of the night," recalls Sisto. "She played the whole sick thing like, 'Oh, I'm sick,' and now I think I'm gonna see her here in some kitty commercials in a few days."

Among other revelations, Sisto says he was recuperating from a bout of food poisoning when it came time to shoot the solemn crucifixion scene. "You never know what's gonna make you sick, which is kind of an adventure," he says of Moroccan cuisine. "Fortunately, the next day I had to go up on the cross, so I just used the whole stomach thing."