Call it a Greenwich Village success story: Saucy singing waitress Amy Engelberg breaks the hearts of hundreds of boozehounds when she leaves raucous cabaret The Duplex to try her hand in Hollywood. Surprise, surprise ? Engelberg scored in Tinseltown! After cutting her teeth on UPN's Clueless, the outspoken alto and her sister, Wendy, are producing and writing the upcoming NBC comedy MYOB. "It's such a good show," she says of the series created by Don Roos, adding that it's different from anything currently on TV. "I think it's smarter, a little more subtle, and it has a different kind of attitude. NBC loves the show ? they just don't know where to put it!"

Don't look for Engelberg to go back to her barmaid roots if MYOB should fail. "Oh, God, no," she moans. "I'm so happy not to do it! I don't miss it at all... I don't miss the late nights, I don't miss the smoke."

Does she miss a little ditty titled "Eat My Ass" that she used to belt out to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast? "I still say 'eat my ass,' so I'm really the same person I was at The Duplex," she says slyly. Actually, Engelberg learned a lot from her days serving up beer and singing Cher songs. "I had to be really quick on my feet, and here, in the rewrite process, you have to be really fast, too."

Engelberg certainly was quick on her feet when The Real World's Colin Mortensen was cast on MYOB. "I'm the only one on the MYOB staff who knew what The Real World was or watched it, so I would talk to him all the time and he would tell me all this gossip about Amaya. It was really interesting."