Simon van Kampen Simon van Kampen

The latest Real Housewives star turned singer (or singerish, really) is Real Housewives of New York City star Simon van Kempen, who just dropped "I Am Real" (listen below). You'll be saddened to learn that this thumping, wanabe club anthem is no "Tardy for the Party." It's yet another musical punch line that, whether it's aware of it or not, underlines how delusional the extreme personalities that populate reality TV are.

That said, it is refreshingly free of Auto Tune (van Kempen's pitch hasn't even been corrected), and he is going with what he knows. (Sample lyric: "When wives attack behind my back / They trash me on their Twitter.")

I feel empowered to point all of this out by van Kempen's own words:  "Love me or hate me / I don't give a damn." So there you go: laugh at this all you want. He's still making money. Or streaming his music for free. Whatever — same difference in the economy of attention. [via Popeater]