"When Kevin starts to become an invisible man, he has to be naked," she tells TV Guide Online. "Some of the time he wore a little g-string, but in one scene he didn't. [And] all I'll say is we got to check it out during many takes. Finally, we just got hysterical ? but that's no reflection on Kevin. He was so comfortable that it made everyone feel comfortable. He was a gem. That man is an extreme professional."

In Hollow Man, Shue plays a research scientist who watches as Bacon tests a serum on himself that induces invisibility. For her part, the Oscar-nominated actress sees the appeal of living life out of sight. "The one thing I'd love to do... I would really want to watch people interact without them knowing that I was there," she admits. "So I can really, really see how people act. That's hard for me now because everyone recognizes me, but I think it's helpful to any actor to be an observer.

"[And] without getting too dark ? because I wouldn't want to hurt anybody ? the voyeuristic sexual side of being invisible also fascinates me."

While filming Hollow Man, Shue says that there was a scene in which she wished she could have vanished into thin air. "I'm suspended in an elevator shaft and I'm petrified of heights," she recalls. "But I didn't tell anybody until the first day I was up there hanging on a wire. That look on my face isn't acting."