Tracey Ullman by Donato Sardella/ Tracey Ullman by Donato Sardella/

Showtime has announced a March 30, 10 pm/ET, premiere for Tracey Ullman's State of the Union, a five-episode half-hour sketch-comedy series. "TUSU" (as I am abbreviating it already) launches immediately after the second-season premiere of The Tudors.

"I have always loved Tracey Ullman, ever since I was a young development executive at Fox when she was doing the original Tracey Ullman Show," Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt says in a statement. "We are so proud to bring her to Showtime in a completely new show that will again showcase what she does best. In this case, she will be looking at the wide cross-section of Americans and both celebrating us and sending us up."

OK, but only if we get to keep our fish-and-chips and bad-teeth jokes.