Madonna and film director beau Guy Ritchie are eyeing a Buddhist wedding ceremony, reports London's

The Sun... Richard Gere's set to play a man with a potentially terminal disease in Steinbeck's Point of View, according to Variety. In other casting news, rocker Courtney Love will play former silent movie star Texas Guinan in Hello Suckers... Werner Klemperer, the former Jewish refugee who went on to play German prison camp commandant Col. Klink on the popular '60s sitcom Hogan's Heroes, died of cancer at his home in New York on Wednesday. He was 80... Who Wants to Be a Millionaire moves from Tuesday to Friday nights beginning on Jan. 5 to make way for the Jan. 9 debut of the new ABC reality series, Who Is The Mole?. Meanwhile, the Gabriel Byrne sitcom Madigan Men is going on indefinite hiatus... Fox has pulled the plug on its struggling new drama The $treet.— Rich Brown