Shia LaBeouf by George Pimentel/ Shia LaBeouf by George Pimentel/
Shia LaBeouf's car crash was "eye-opening and terrifying," he told Entertainment Tonight, addressing the smash-up for the first time. "The car hit me at 70 mph," the Eagle Eye star said of July 27 accident. "It was one of the biggest things that's happened to me, for sure, in my life." The collision flipped the 22-year-old's truck and severely injured his left hand. LaBeouf underwent surgery to repair two fingers, and the injury was subsequently written into the Transformers 2 plot. His hand is still in a brace. LaBeouf was initially booked on suspicion of a DUI, but police have since determined the other driver was at fault. "I'm grateful to be here," LaBeouf added. - Joyce Eng Watch interviews with LaBeouf in our Online Video Guide.