Paula Abdul Paula Abdul

Fox announced late Friday that Paula Abdul will  shocker!!  be allowed to return as a judge on American Idol this season after its "internal investigation" yielded no proof that she bedded contestant Corey Clark. In a statement, Fox and Idol producers said their inquiry found no "corroborating evidence or witnesses" to substantiate Clark's claims that the two engaged in an affair, or that she gave him any "special assistance" during the competition. Also per the statement, Abdul acknowledged she had phone conversations with Clark, but her accounts of those calls "differ greatly" from Clark's. Still, Fox said it's implementing "an enhanced nonfraternization policy" aimed at preventing any future incidents that might call the integrity of the program into question. "I'm grateful this ordeal is over, and I'm looking forward to getting back to the job I love," Abdul said. "Once again, I thank my fans from throughout the world for their undying love and support." In response, her fans released the following statement: "We don't exist."