Shedding for the Wedding Shedding for the Wedding

Shedding for the Wedding helps couples look their best on their big day, but don't confuse it with E!'s competition show Bridalplasty.

"I despise Bridalplasty," said executive producer Dave Broome Friday at the Television Critics Association winter previews. " I would never make a show like that ."

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On E!'s Bridalplasty, women compete for plastic surgery procedures to transform themselves by their wedding day. On Shedding for the Wedding, two trainers create exercise regimes for nine overweight couples who seek to slim down before walking down the aisle. Broome created NBC's weight loss competition show  The Biggest Loser before co-creating Shedding for the Wedding.

"When Loser came on, Fox had the makeover show that was a plastic surgery competition, The Swan" said Broome. "I used to say The Biggest Loser was the anti-Swan. Well I think Shedding for the Wedding is the anti-Bridalplasty. This is about losing weight for couples the right way and trying to get their life started."

Actress Sara Rue hosts Shedding for the Wedding and identifies with the couples on two levels: Not only has she lost 50 pounds as a Jenny Craig spokesperson, but she's also engaged to be married.

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Rue said, "Yes [the show is] about weight loss, but it's also about these couples really bonding and making each other better so they can start their lives off together at their happiest and healthiest."

Shedding for the Wedding premieres on February 23 at 9/8c on The CW.