Shear Genius winner, Dee by Trae Patton/Bravo Photo Shear Genius winner, Dee by Trae Patton/Bravo Photo

The crème de la crème of hairstylists on this season of Shear Genius snipped and pinned their way to the top three slots, but after some fancy finger-work on her final challenge, Dee Adames went home as this season's champion.

"After all we've been through, it was just such a relief and amazing feeling," said the newly crowned winner. But the final challenge of telling a story through four different hairstyles on models ranging from teens to sixty was no easy task. "We only had 3 hours, so it was all about strategy and timing," explained Adames, "and the edgy rock star's hair was so coarse and thick that it was really hard to get it to come off polished." But between that rocker style and her Mama Red look, the Miami native pulled off the win. "My rock star story meant so much to me - I have a dear friend who is a struggling musician and I know she is going to make it big one day."

Reality living wasn't a cake walk for the stylist either. "I'm a single woman who only has a cat, so sharing a room was challenging." Waking up to have camera lights in your "sleep face" wasn't exactly Dee's favorite thing either, but the hardest part of the experience was being disconnected from everyone in her life. "We had no cell phone, laptops or radio you had to leave everything behind and put yourself in this most uncomfortable situation," said the 37-year-old. There is one thing, though, that Dee will be longing for now that her time on the show has ended. "Being fed! The fridge was always full of foodwhatever we wanted on our wish list came true!"

Of all the celebs in Hollywood, there is one in particular Adames would flip to style for: Pink. "She's so hot and doesn't care about what anybody thinks - and it shows." As far as who she thinks could use some love in the hair department? "Courtney Love and Amy Winehouse."

Now with the $100,000 prize in her pocket, Dee is gearing up to open a salon in Miami with her business partner that will specialize in modern and classic looks. "It will be a very chic atmosphere where you can go to relax, take in some jukebox music and enjoy great service." - Gina DiNunno