What does Sharon Stone find sexy? Well, for starters, there's that revealing outfit worn by Jennifer Lopez at last year's Grammy Awards.

"I think she's really sexy and fun and alive, and I love that she celebrates her body ? particularly her butt," the actress tells Marie Claire. "But I don't care for modern dresses that actually show the vagina, where the vagina becomes part of the look. I think a vagina should be shown at home. Or in the backseat of a car."

The Basic Instinct star says the sexiest piece of clothing in her own wardrobe is the lingerie she wore during her prewedding honeymoon with hubby Phil Bronstein. "I thought that at our age we should probably not wait till the wedding was over at two in the morning to have our wedding-day romance," she recalls. "So we blocked out the whole day for each other. Phil thought the lingerie, a shower gift, was hilarious. I think that humor is sexy."

The actress also confesses that she's obsessed with manicures ("I'll come down to Los Angeles from San Francisco to get one") and that she occasionally likes to go for a "slutty" look.

"Sometimes slutty ? wearing last night's makeup, for example ? can be sexy when you're with someone who respects and adores you," she says. "Under those circumstances, it's not only sexy, but it's often necessary. Wear something like a leopard skirt that's a little too tight, with fishnets and a small sweater. I recommend taking an overcoat, though, in case you see someone you know."