American Pie siren Shannon Elizabeth assures us that

Enrique Iglesias is no Milli Vanilli. She should know: She's his leading lady in the "Be With You" video and tells TV Guide Online that all this nonsense about Iglesias lip-synching his hits is going to blow over.

"I'm anxious to talk to Enrique and see what he says about it. I was onstage with him and I've heard him sing; he sounded amazing. The thing that Howard [Stern] was playing ? anybody can sing better than that. It sounds like a dog howling. Somebody's trying to make up something."

Elizabeth, who stars in the horror-movie spoof Scary Movie, knows a thing or two about people making things up. US Weekly recently reported that she and Iglesias were seen holding hands and snuggling at his 25th birthday bash. In fact, she's engaged to actor Joe Reitman and gushed about him to us.

She's taking all these rumors in stride, too. "It doesn't bother me at all. There's been things written that Enrique and I are married. It goes on and on. I think he's a great guy and it's not a big insult. It's not like I'm marrying Hank Bangradorf. It's Enrique!"

A girl's got to protect herself, though, so she's created a web site,, in order to have some control over what people say and see. "We wanted pictures [of me] that we were cool with so people weren't making things up and putting my head on other peoples' bodies." This Sunday, she's having her first live webcam chat on the site. "It's the same kind of webcam that they had in American Pie, but we're just chatting."

Boys, buy your pies now!