First-time Emmy Awards host Garry Shandling can't wait to perform his new stand-up material Sunday evening in front of an audience of 50 million viewers. In fact, he may be a little too excited.

"I'm trying to convince [executive producer] Don Mischer to not give out any awards this year and give me the whole three hours," he says of the ABC broadcast, which kicks off at 8 pm/ET. "I think I can do it. I think we should lock the doors. And I think that should be the real Survivor. Just let me talk and talk and talk and just watch them waiting for the awards. I think that would be great."

Whatever the format, it's pretty much a given that viewers will gripe about the show's length. "No matter what, it's going to feel longer than it is," Shandling says. "I'm saying that's a good thing. It's not the length; it's how we use the Emmys, how we're going to use the Emmy programming."

Shandling, himself an Emmy winner (The Larry Sanders Show), can empathize with the nervous nominees. "You know, I really approached it like a date because I think there's a similar arc in that [you're] ultimately hoping that there's going to be some sort of sexual encounter," he recalls. "And then there is a similarity in that there's a shock when you hear your name mentioned."