Emmy Rossum, Shameless Emmy Rossum, Shameless

Shameless' second season sees the Gallagher family more than surviving a sweltering summer. "The Gallaghers thrive in the summer," Emmy Rossum tells TVGuide.com. "They make a lot of money that they put and stash to keep them going through the winter."

Six things to expect in Season 2:

1. Fiona's on the prowl: Following her failed relationship with Steve (Justin Chatwin), Fiona is on the rebound. "She's clearly been through the grieving period, and is now a little boy crazy," Rossum says. "We're going to see her push it a little too far, make some mistakes and hook up with some people she really shouldn't have, and then have to pay the price for that." Two of her suitors are past high school crush Craig (The Vampire Diaries' Taylor Kinney) and Adam (Lone Star's James Wolk), whom Rossum dubs "Steve 2.0." "He's an investment banker, and even looks like Steve, but he doesn't have the danger factor so she's not as actually interested in him."

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2. Veronica vs. Fiona: At the end of Season 1, newcomer Jasmine (Amy Smart) implanted herself into Fiona's life, much to the chagrin of Veronica (Shanola Hampton). Their continued friendship over the summer, and the influence Jasmine has over Fiona, will drive a wedge between the longtime friends. "Veronica really hates Jasmine and really doesn't understand what Jasmine wants from Fiona," Rossum says. "We'll get to see more of the intention of Jasmine and how Fiona deals with that." 

3. Steve gets naked: Yes, Steve will be back and we'll get to see plenty of him. Not only does he return in the nude, but later in the season he'll be wearing a thong on a yacht full of women. He, of course, isn't the only one in the buff, but that's the nature of a show with the title Shameless, Rossum says. "This is a house with very thin walls. The kids are growing up and they have bodies. Little Liam is 2 years old and is getting stiffies in the mornings, so everyone's in everyone's business. There is a certain amount of over-share and of comfortability that they have with each other and themselves that lends itself to a certain amount of nudity."

4. Family ties: Frank (William H. Macy) will be back to his old tricks — the least of which include getting Liam kidnapped and trying to marry a woman on her death bed. Fiona will also discover she "has Frank's DNA in her body and if she's not careful, she can make the wrong decision and end up being chased by somebody with a baseball bat and hiding under tables just like him," Rossum says. "Of course that's Frank's proudest moment, but this is all too horrifying for Fiona." Plus: Both Grammy Gallagher  (Louise Fletcher) and Fiona's lesbian mother, Monica (Chloe Webb), will be back!

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5. Steve and Fiona: Despite her trysts with several new guys, Rossum insists, "Steve is really the only boy in Fiona's heart. She loves him, loves the fact that he's a bad boy and loves that he loves her family. She really does love him and care for him and they have a lot of issues left to resolve."

6. Killing the American eagle: The definition of shameless takes on a new meaning during Thanksgiving at the Gallagher house after Carl makes a new friend who loves guns. "Carl [Ethan Cutkosky] sees a bird right before Thanksgiving and shoots it with his BB gun and brings it home. We realize that it's a bald eagle that has escaped from a local zoo. So we now have the national bird and Carl has killed it... and we're going to eat it for Thanksgiving. That might be the epitome of shamelessness."

Shameless returns Sunday at 9/8c on Showtime.