<EM>The Apprentice: Martha Stewart</EM> The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Not too shabby for a clip show. It actually delivered a satisfying serving of never-before-seen footage. The highlights:
1) Ashley (remember her?) being annoying about her fabulous life as her mom's salon's guinea pig.
2) Jayla being a bitch long before the Nik-nightlight incident, telling Kim she needs to suck in her gut.
3) Nicole convincing Kyle that "all birds are blind," based on the evidence of the bird that lives in the model house.
4) More of Jayla being bitchy.
5) Coryn bringing a fart machine from home.
6) Lisa is actually way more lovable than previously thought. And her impromptu dance routines and dress-up games are adorable.
7) Inspired by Jayla's 10-inch !*@#-me heels, the girls pole-dance on the kitchen counter. Hope they don't actually prepare food there.
8) Kim learning the harmonica.
9) Coryn actually writing Lisa a note of apology and the two making up before Coryn gets booted.
10) I don't see that happening for Nik and Jayla. Come to think of it, this whole episode seems designed to prepare us for even more Jayla trouble. Yay! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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