You can't accuse former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Seth Green of not having a social conscience. The actor — who played Alyson Hannigan's werewolf beau on the acclaimed vampire saga — is hoping his new Fox comedy, Greg the Bunny, will mark a breakthrough for one of the world's most oppressed and underrepresented minorities: puppets.

"I look forward to the opportunity to break the barriers and raise people's awareness to the plight of the fabricated American," jokes Green of Bunny, a midseason sitcom that focuses on the humans and puppets behind a faux children's show called Sweetknuckle Junction. "[Personally], I don't really have a problem with puppets. We get along fine. I don't consider myself a bigoted or racist person."

In Bunny, which after several postponements is finally slated to debut in March, Green plays the son of the show's producer (Eugene Levy), and the title character's roommate. Since the series portrays puppets as an actual living, breathing species, the 27-year-old Pennsylvania native stays in character when asked about the difficulties of working with, er, fabricated Americans.