Big Bird Big Bird

For Big Bird, 40 is the new 6. Everyone's favorite 8-foot yellow lark and all his friends celebrated Sesame Street's 40th anniversary earlier this month. While the big Four-Oh means middle age in human years, it's forever young on the groundbreaking, self-renewing children's program. "Forty feels great! I feel pretty good because I'm 6 years old now in bird years," Big Bird tells "I was a wee child when it started. I think my first memory is Sesame Street." The same could be said for countless fans of the series that has netted a record 122 Emmys and has become one of TV's most enduring shows. See what Big Bird thinks has made Sesame Street so successful, what his Thanksgiving plans are and more! Sesame Street is 40! Congratulations! Google paid tribute to you and your friends by featuring you on their logo. Did you see that?
Big Bird:
That's right! My feet were standing there. Cookie Monster's eyes were the O's in Google. I don't have a computer, though. I'm only a bird. I'm more interested in acorns and trees, not computers. Sesame Street is targeted toward kids, but people of all ages love you. How does that feel? How do you think you remain so beloved over the years? A lot of shows don't last this long.
Big Bird:
It feels nice to be liked — loved even. Sesame Street isn't like any other place. It's just what Gordon said the very first time we saw Sesame Street — that this is unlike any place we've seen. We're a family here. I think that's what people like, not just me, but everyone, even Oscar. What a grouch! He is a grouch. Are you guys friendly at all?
Big Bird:
I tend to avoid him. He's a little grouchy. He calls me a turkey. I'm not a turkey; I'm a lark.

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