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Although Selena Gomez would love to keep her relationship with Justin Bieber private, she understands the public's obsession with it.

"I get it. I was obsessed with N Sync; Britney [Spears] and Justin [Timberlake] were my idols and I loved them together so I understand it, of course," she told Wednesday. "But when you have something really precious, I try to keep it to myself."

VIDEO: Selena Gomez says she loves the Bieb

As the 18-year-old actress transitions with her Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place ending, Gomez wants to continue to do her music, tour with her band Selena Gomez and The Scene and work more in film. She hopes her fans will join her for the next phase.

"Basically, I want them all to hang out with me," she said. "I hope they get to grow up with me."

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