Scrubs Scrubs

ABC's Scrubs might be scrubbing much of its original cast and setting, as series creator Bill Lawrence ponders ways to bring back the renewed series.

At a press conference announcing the network's lineup for the 2009-10 season, ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson could only confirm that Zach Braff would be back — and only for a half-dozen episodes, to be sprinkled across the new season's first 13.

Sarah Chalke had yet to ink a deal when spoke to her on Friday, and Neil Flynn (aka The Janitor) just saw his new sitcom The Middle (where he plays husband to Patricia Heaton) picked up by ABC. The participation of other Scrubs originals is up in the air as well.

But Scrubs' Season 9 might look different in ways besides its cast. McPherson said that Lawrence is considering two scenarios for what he calls the series "next generation," one of which is "a complete rethink" that would move the setting away from Sacred Heart Hospital.

McPherson, though, shot down talk that Scrubs would switch from being a single-camera comedy to a more traditional multi-camera series as being not true.