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February 13 was music's big night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, so TV Guide Magazine took the opportunity to gather some hot scoop that just may be music to TV fans' ears at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams arrived at the Grammys excited to share his feelings about the show's upcoming musical episode. "It's really a moving and powerful episode and it's not a musical by any other terms that we've seen before," says Williams. "It's got nothing to do with Glee, or anything like that. It's nuts! I can't compare it to anything else." Willams, who hints that the songs are similar to the usual Grey's soundtrack, adds that it's been hard work. "We've had insane rehearsals and the talent is so amazing on our show: Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez." But will Dr Jackson Avery sing? "We'll see!" teases Williams.  

Darren Criss tells us that fans need not give up hope when it comes to the budding romance between Glee's Kurt and Blaine. "It's just a minor speed bump," Criss says of the Valentine's episode serenade, aimed at another love interest. "All great love stories need to have their obstacles, otherwise it's not a love story. I hope that they prolong it for as long as possible. But things develop, that's for sure." He also has an exciting musical number coming up. "There's one song that I'm a huge fan of, a great band with a huge breakout single this past year that they let me sing. We'll see what people think about it."  

Eva La Rue previewed a harrowing moment for her character, Natalia Boa Vista, on a CSI: Miami episode she just finished shooting. "I get kidnapped," says La Rue. "There's a serial killer that is out, and we're trying to keep him from killing again. He kidnaps me, but it doesn't end up being the actual killer. He's trying to profess his innocence, so after I beat the crap out of him, I go about trying to figure out if he's telling the truth." 

A smooch on NCIS doesn't happen very often, but on February 15 one of the special agents will get kissed. "Somebody has a crush and it ends up in a lip lock," teases a very excited Pauley Perrette. "[Kisses have] happened very few times over eight and a half years. I'm not saying who it is, but some fans will be excited and some fans will be angry."

And speaking of smooches, Gwyneth Paltrow is of course returning to Glee, and Matthew Morrison tells us that he and Paltrow engage in a "Kiss," by Prince. "We did it as a tango, which was kind of cool," he says of the classic 80s hit. "Oh — and next week: Justin Bieber songs." Now, that's something to sing about!

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