Moviegoers may regard Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas as the best present they've gotten this holiday season. However, making the blockbuster wasn't all high jinks and Who-pudding, according to Suzanne Krull, the character actress who modeled her Shopper Who counterpart after 1940s femme fatale Barbara Stanwyck.

"My skin actually repelled the make-up, so my prosthetics were always being reglued on," she tells TV Guide Online. "I called myself Leper Who — it looked like my skin was falling off!"

In time, the fake snow that swirled around the set also gave Krull bronchitis and nosebleeds. So, come lunch hour, she rarely hankered for roast beast — which was just as well. "Salad dressing takes off your prosthetics," explains The Next Best Thing co-star (as Madonna's confidante). "And since I couldn't breathe through my 'snout,' I lived in fear of choking to death because I had to breathe through my mouth while eating."

Krull won't call the Grinch himself a mean one. Yet she was disappointed that the film's big star never acknowledged the little people. "Jim Carrey didn't speak to any of us," she sighs. "You see the same faces for months, you'd think he'd say, 'Hi.' But it was still fun to watch him work."

In the end, despite the hardships and snubbing that Krull endured, it almost sounds as if her stay in Whoville made her heart grow three sizes. "I met brilliant actors who I was blessed to work with. And I can't say enough about [director] Ron Howard — he's a true gentleman," she muses. "Plus, now I'm a part of history."