Mary Kay Place and Holly Hunter, <EM>Saving Grace</EM> Mary Kay Place and Holly Hunter, Saving Grace

Tonight, Saving Grace (TNT, 10/9c) returns from a three-month break with the first of four new episodes, as a twister hits Oklahoma City. Mary Kay Place guest-stars as Dorothy, a bus-company secretary tied to a deadly crime. She's stuck in a collapsed building with Holly Hunter's hard-living cop, a scenario that, naturally, results in plenty of soul-searching for both Grace and her imperiled companion.

"She's the last woman you'd expect Grace to have a connection with," says series creator Nancy Miller. "Dorothy is trapped physically and metaphorically because of what she has done, and Grace is there to help her in ways other than being a cop." But Grace and Dorothy aren't the only ones looking for a way out. Death-row inmate Leon Cooley makes a spiritual choice that could impact his future relationship with Earl the Angel. "This is our episode to prove we are nondenominational — that we are not saying this is the way you have to do it," Miller explains. "It's all about the questions; our show is not about any answers."

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