The Tony Award-winning creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, was finally in the room where Saturday Night Live happens this week, and he did not disappoint as host.

The episode opened with a rap-filled monologue that riffed on Hamilton's "My Shot," and Miranda nailed it because that's what Miranda does. Anyone who can rhyme "election cycles" with "Lorne Michaels" should be hired on the SNL writing staff immediately.

But Miranda wasn't the only New Yorker to take center stage.

This week's cold open took aim at Donald Trump — whom Miranda basically called a piece of sh-- in his rap-ologue before telling a photo of Trump that he was never going to be president now (a nod to Hamilton's "The Reynolds Pamphlet") — and the lewd comments Trump made about groping women on a hot mic in 2005. Alec Baldwin returned to portray the bumbling Republican presidential nominee as a misogynist who didn't understand why his remarks were offensive.

"Are you not entertained?" he said, before admitting that he would never apologize.

The political discourse didn't stop there, though.

In the show's Weekend Update segment, Saturday Night Live alums Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon returned to portray undecided voters from Philadelphia, with the former taking a jab at the latter's less-than-hard-hitting interview with Trump when he stopped by The Tonight Show.

Meanwhile, Emmy winner Kate McKinnon killed in a pre-taped segment, in which she portrayed Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway having to work on her day off.