Susan Sarandon had a nasty role model in mind when she prepared for her villainous turn as Coco La Bouche in the upcoming animated film Rugrats in Paris.

"I'm a big admirer of Cruella De Ville," she says of the 101 Dalmations diva, played on the big screen by Glenn Close. "I think Coco's outrageous audacious wardrobe and her fondness for screaming at the Rugrats puts her in the same club. Coco and Cruella are both completely over the top."

Sarandon's Rugrats alter ego — who works at an amusement park yet hates children — spends most of her time screaming, a fact that took its toll on the actress. "After about five hours your vocal chords are ripped to shreds," she admits. "But it was also therapeutic because I got rid of all my mean thoughts about little kids who misbehave."

Sarandon felt like screaming when the 25th anniversary DVD version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released recently. "I have my lawyers checking on how come I'm appearing in an interview on the DVD without knowing about it," says the Oscar winner, who played heroine Janet Weiss in the camp classic. "Where did they get it? I'll be okay if they give me a piece of the action. I think we should get something after all these years."

Another thing Sarandon says she wants after all this time is a decent choice at the polls. Despite criticism from some Democrats, she continues to be a vocal supporter of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. "The Democratic Party has not been giving me, or half of the Americans who do not go to the polls, anything to vote for," she says. "There's a reason people don't vote. They realize it doesn't make a difference."

And what if votes for Nader end up costing Democratic candidate Al Gore the election? "I say anybody who votes should vote their heart," Sarandon insists. "This is your chance to be heard."