Just like the no-nonsense detective he plays in the hit movie Shaft, actor Samuel L. Jackson doesn't back down under pressure.

Asked about rumors of his being a demanding actor on the set, the star tells TV Guide Online in no uncertain terms that there's good reason for standing his ground with directors.

"The one thing that I have to realize these days when I show up on a movie set is I'm generally going to work with somebody who's done somewhere between five and seven movies," he says. "I've done somewhere between 65 and 70. So sometimes when they do something or they have a bright idea, I don't think it's such a bright idea. And I express my opinion about that."

"There's always conflicts on a movie set no matter what," he says. "Things always happen."

The veteran actor has learned to be wary of directors who try to settle arguments with the "let's shoot it your way and then we'll try it my way" approach. Inevitably, the director's shot always wins out in the end.

"They always get their way in the movie so they can prove they were right," he says. "And they could be wrong as hell. And, in the end, it's always me up there on the screen. Nobody's going to say, 'Well, look what the stupid ass producer made Sam do.' You know what I'm saying?"