High kicks, contortions and the effervescent Cat Deeley, too? How could Fox's So You Think You Can Dance not smoke the competition Wednesday night with 9.1 million viewers!

In other ratings news, ABC's kooky celeb-imposter show, The Next Best Thing, got off to a surprisingly good start, with 7.7 million viewers. Too bad that when the new drama Traveler came on at 10, 1.5 million of those viewers had gone bye-bye. Maybe they just haven't seen a good enough picture of Matthew Bomer yet?

Also of note, the CW shouldn't have hidden Hidden Palms so well. The Oliver-centric new Kevin Williamson soap arrived DOA. Its only hope: I have a soap-addict friend who insists that it's so good, it's going to catch on. Of course, he's also waiting for Bare Essence to be renewed.