Ryan O'Neal by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com Ryan O'Neal by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Actor Ryan O'Neal and his son, Redmond, were arrested Wednesday for alleged drug possession, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman told TVGuide.com.

Deputies were doing a regular sweep of the O'Neal home to enforce Redmond's probation when they discovered him in possession of narcotics, believed to be methamphetamines, Deputy Sheriff Derrick Thompson said.

"They were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. I'm not sure if it was cocaine or meth, but I believe the media was saying it's meth," he said.

Father, 67, and son, 23, were released on $10,000 bail each Wednesday around noon.

The younger O'Neal entered rehab for heroin in 2004, and this past June pleaded guilty to possession and a misdemeanor DUI charge. His mother is Farrah Fawcett and his half-sister is actress Tatum O'Neal, who was arrested in June for allegedly attempting to buy cocaine. She pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct in July. - Anna Dimond

" O'Neal Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct Charges
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