The Biggest Loser's Ryan Benson ultimately claimed the $250,000 prize after shedding an impressive 122 lbs. from his original weight of 330 lbs. Besides exercising like a demon, Ryan also lied, back-stabbed an ally and offended others with his offbeat sense of humor. Here, the 36-year-old doughnut addict from Spokane, Wash., happily defends his wicked but winning ways to TV Guide Online.

TV Guide Online: Did you have any trouble readjusting to life off the ranch?
Ryan Benson:
Yeah, I did. We got back the first week of November. At Thanksgiving, I had to go to Utah to see relatives. I broke down and cheated a few times and had to have some pie at dinner. So when Christmas and New Year's came around, I thought, "I can't leave." I had to take charge of my own environment and make sure that I didn't break down and have desserts.

TVGO: Still scarfing doughnuts in your car while commuting to work?
No, definitely not. I was a secret eater and that was when I could eat my junk food — in my car, going to and from work and out to lunch. [Jillian] said, "Ryan, if you never eat in your car again, you can keep this weight off." So that's what I am going to stick to.

TVGO: Your sense of humor rubbed people the wrong way. Did you tone down your abrasiveness or did they just get used to you?
They got used to me. The first few weeks, everyone was so serious. Weight loss is a serious issue, but I don't think reality shows are. People lightened up a lot once they got used to the cameras. My favorite thing to say every morning — and it would get Kelly nuts — was, "Kelly, I cannot wait until tomorrow." And she'd say, "Why?" And I'd say, "Because I get better-looking every day." Once they warmed up to my weird sense of humor, I got along pretty well with almost everyone.

TVGO: When you reunited with Kelly and Gary after three months at home, were you nervous to step up for that final weigh-in?
They both looked so good, Kelly in that red gown — she looked phenomenal and her waist was so small — and Gary is just a little guy. He's just skinny. It was close, though. It came down to that one percentage point.

TVGO: Any regrets about your underhanded game play?
The only regret that I have was during the second episode, when I played a joke on Dave and it hurt Lizzeth's feelings. That was my main regret. I never wanted to hurt her feelings because I think she is a really nice person. Other than that, I would play the game the exact same way. I feel like I really got along with everyone there, except when I did have to...

TVGO: Back-stab Lisa?
Yeah, when I had to back-stab Lisa and when I had to lie to Matt. He's another great guy that I hated lying to for a whole day. I couldn't tell him I was voting him off that night. But in the end, I lucked out and it worked out for me.

TVGO: Who's your money on for next week's runner-up prize of $100,000?
My three top picks are Aaron, Dre and Dave. I think Dave was more successful off the ranch. He looked great and he could definitely be a winner. I know that he loves to lift weights, so if they are using the body-fat percentage that they did [at the finale], it will benefit him.