Russell Crowe found out how you get attention in Hollywood: snag an Oscar nomination (for The Insider) and take

Jodie Foster to the Golden Globes!

"Funny, isn't it," he says with a grin. "I was reading an English tabloid and it said that I intentionally went to the Golden Globes with Jodie Foster to cause a stir. It's like, 'What are you talking about?' I just happen to really respect her. I think she's a magnificent talent and now I know she is a very magnificent woman. And we got on like a house on fire." Before anymore speculation, Crowe wants to end some of the rumors about him and La Foster. "We didn't go shopping for baby clothes ? and no, I'm not [her son] Charlie's father."

Despite the stir at the Globes, Crowe says the twosome won't bask in the glow on the Oscar red carpet. "I won't have the magnificent Miss Foster to keep me entertained this time. She has told me she will not be attending the awards with me. She will be eating Chinese food half-naked, sitting in her bed and wishing me well. It's the half-naked thing that's making me worry," he says with a laugh.

All kidding aside, Crowe is quite honored with his nomination. "I am very well aware that a lot of people have had very colorful and stellar careers and never been acknowledged in this manner by their peers. I don't have a cynical or humorous take on it at all. I think I prefer to just stay in a mode of being thankful."