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Gilles Marini may have come in second place on Dancing with the Stars, but that didn't make him any less nervous to step back into his dancing shoes for an upcoming appearance on Royal Pains. "It was like, 'Oh God, now they are going to think I can do that. Hopefully, the choreography comes into place," he tells "Thank God it did."

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The Brothers & Sisters star will play a dancing instructor who teaches Divya (Reshma Shetty) and Raj (Rupak Ginn) the tango for their impending nuptials. Marini's appearance comes at a pivotal point for Divya and Raj, as Divya continues to struggle with her obligation to her arranged marriage and her lingering feelings for Adam. Marini teases that the Season 2 finale will be a "roller coaster" for fans.

"The story line with my character is that he becomes extremely ill and he is dying," he says. "Through that, they realize so many things about themselves."

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The cameo not only offered him a chance to visit the Hamptons for the first time, but also afforded him a chance to put his dancing lessons to good use. "I learned on Dancing with the Stars that the most important way to dance with someone is to lead when you're a man," he says. "[Reshma] is actually a very good dancer."

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