Jill Flint, Peter Gallagher Jill Flint, Peter Gallagher

How did Africa change Jill on Royal Pains? Will Kate and Justin reunite on Fairly Legal? TVGuide.com got the scoop Monday on USA Network's blue carpet from Pain's Jill Flint and Fairly Legal's Sarah Shahi. Plus, Covert Affairs' Peter Gallagher reveals what's ahead for Arthur and Joan, while the stars Necessary Roughness and Suits preview their new shows.

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Royal Pains: Expect a lot of changes for many of the characters. Jill Flint says that her character Jill will be a brand new woman when she returns from Africa. "You're talking about someone who never left the Hamptons. She went out in the world and it's impossible to not change after that," Flint says. "She has more direction, she knows what she wants. She always sort of had that, but needed to unlock it." So does she want to get back together with Hank (Mark Feuerstein)? Flint's not telling, but says to keep your eyes glued to the premiere.

Fairly Legal: On the heels of a Season 2 pickup, Sarah Shahi shared she doesn't want her character Kate to reunite with her ex-husband, played by Michael Trucco. "I think it's the death of a show when two characters get together too quickly." Trucco agrees: "I love the characters together, but I think for the importance of story there's going to be a lot more conflict before they get resolved." Shahi has some ideas for that conflict: "I'd love for a third person to get introduced. My choices are odd, but Russell Crowe, Eddie Vedder, I like the good bad boys."

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Covert Affairs:  Peter Gallagher says this season we'll see more arcs involving his character, Arthur, and his wife and co-worker, Joan (Kari Matchett). "They built us a house so I assume there will be scenes inside," he says. "We're more in love than people believe. Our relationship is a little deeper and authentic and that's what people respond to." Gallagher also revealed that his beloved O.C. character Sandy Cohen is the reason he ended up on the CIA drama. "Doug Liman directed the pilot of The O.C. and Dave [Bartis] was one of the producers on the first season and I wanted to work with him again."

Necessary Roughness (new series, premiering June 29 at 10/9c): Star Mehcad Brooks tells us in the series based on a true story, he plays a professional football player who begins seeing a therapist named Dr. Dani (Callie Thorne). "We all need some therapy sometimes — especially 27-year-olds with $80 million," he says.  Scott Cohen, who is a "fixer" for the football team's franchise adds that the show is not just about sitting in a psych chair. "It's a story of the trials and tribulations of a newly divorced woman with two children making her way in the world." Thorne, who's no stranger to playing in the boys club after starring on Homicide and Rescue Me, admits she loves it, but jokes that it's hard being around her co-stars Brooks, Cohen and Marc Blucas. "It's like looking into the center of the sun! The three of them are so funny that all we do is laugh," she says. It probably doesn't help, Brooks admits, that his character doesn't like to wear shirts. But there are more reasons for women to tune in, too, he says: "She's a professional thrown into a man's world. I'm quite certain a lot of women can relate."

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Suits (new series, premiering June 23 at 10/9c): The legal drama follows an unlikely tag-team: a tough attorney (Gabriel Macht) and his brilliant college dropout apprentice (Patrick J. Adams). Macht explains that his character "is irritable at times and totally irrational, but hopefully charming." He also spills that Titus Welliver will be appearing in the first episode. "He plays the designer of an engine, but I'm trying to make him a suit by trying to get him to be a CEO and take over the company."

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