Brian Williams Brian Williams

At least no one has to tell Brian Williams to pull up his socks. Rock Center With Brian Williams, the new NBC newsmag that relentlessly puts the urbane anchorman at center stage, was solid as a rock on Monday's opening night (10/9c), and often just about as exciting. Substantive without being stuffy, workmanlike but something less than a wow, the show often seemed indistinguishable from his Nightly News gig, albeit with longer stories and more opportunity for in-studio banter. (Williams' own whimsical piece about the airplane boarding process, delivered from an airline seat on the set, felt like the sort of bright throwaway you get at the end of the news.)

Nothing about Rock Center's launch had the "must see" feel you often get from CBS' 60 Minutes, which has been on a roll lately. If they start delivering bigger stories, will we come? Anything's possible.

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